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Tonga soa !  Welcome ! Willkommen !  Benvenuto!

 MADAGASCAR, MADAGASKAR, MADAGASIKARA  with its 592'000 sqkm, is the fourth largest island in the world. Flora and fauna with over 80% of endemic species of both animals and plants offering a real natural paradise.

My name is Hasina Raherinaina and " tonga soa " means "welcome" in Malagasy.

 I speak German, French, and English. 

 I offers you the option to book your car rental with guide/driver securely online. Now, i offer rental cars in all major cities of Madagascar and you can have cars in good condition and have an air condition. You can choose any cars fit for your trip, group (3-55 pers) our individual.

 I wish you a pleasant visit and an exciting discovery of the island of madagascar throughout the website of Bargain Madagascar Driver.

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